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Friday, 7 February 2014

Black and beyond

Hello everyone. I made this sculpture over three nights earlier this week. I was going to make a boy's body. But my hands moved unexpectedly. I kept seeing something else. I continued making and the first face appeared on it. Then second, and third. I made about 10 faces on it. I might call it 'Committee'. It was fun to make it. It is always exciting when something unexpected comes out of the clay.

This is the first face I made. 

I kept adding more faces.
Some are happy, some are not. I was wondering whether to fire it. When I showed it on twitter, several people liked it. So I decided to fire it. I haven't thought about how to glaze it yet. As I used gritty clay, the surface is rough. So much better for this piece,, I guess.

My imagination is running wild recently. Ah, the joy of creation! I can't make things quickly enough to follow up all of the visions appearing in my head!


Today I would like to tell you the saga about my espresso pot. Our espresso machine was broken about two years ago. It was out second machine by Krups. We ordered a Dualit one from John Lewis, but water leaked, and we had to ask them to swap it three times. But all were faulty. It must be a bad design. Then we got completely fed up and gave up. Since then we have made filter coffee with a Pyrex jug! It was supposed to be temporary until we found a new machine, but more and more components of machines became plastic, and Mike thought that was the cause of leak, we stopped looking and got used to our quaint method.

This Christmas, Mike suddenly told me there was a really good machine on sale at £585. Swiss-made, and it also grinds beans. It costs usually over £600. It must be made of stainless steel with that price. As I was thinking to find a Christmas present for him, I said we would get it for him to play with. Then I started thinking about it. How many espresso we would drink in a week?  How much would it cost to make it if this machine also lasted for just three years like others? Isn't it cheaper to go to a cafe and have espresso instead? I told him that we didn't need it. Strangely enough, Mike agreed. He had come to the same conclusion.

What did we buy instead? We bought an ordinary filter coffee maker and a stainless steel espresso pot by Bialetti. Together they cost less than £100 on sale! Both work perfectly and make the lovely coffee that we wanted. We are feeling so much better because we bought something which makes just what we wanted, and also because we didn't spend too much on something we didn't need.

My favourite beans, Black and Beyond!

I felt we have learnt something. We found happiness inside us. We like function, good design and good value. So that's what I wanted to share this story with you today.

P.S. I am not a saint though! I might have spent same amount or a bit more on my lovely Chanel bag!  :D  


  1. it seems that lot of Spirits visit you this last time... ^^

    1. Once they do they keep appearing. : ) It is strange and unusual experience. : )