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Monday, 17 February 2014

Floods in Canterbury

Hello everyone. Yesterday it was a lovely sunny day. In the afternoon, Mike and I took Pearl and Topaz to River Stour to see the flooding in Canterbury. We have had one or two typhoon-like storms a week for the last two months. The level of ground water is high and there have been lots of floods in Southern England including Kent. Luckily flooded area in Canterbury is limited to parking and parks.

River Stour  after diverge
Water level is high and current is strong. 

Water was hitting the point the river diverges hard, 
Westgate Gardens was closed due to flooding. So we headed for Sainsbury's where Mike saw flood in its car park earlier that day.

Riverside path
 Path is under water.

'Mum, we can't go farther!
 The reflection of the trees was beautiful. It is a bit strangely magical despite dotted rubbish bins!

Path is under water
The ray of sunshine was pointing at the bench.

Pearl and Topaz were not impressed.

'We can't walk. There aren't any squirrels. Boring.'

We went to the other side of the river. Trees were uprooted here and there.  
A big tree fell.behind swimming centre

Despite everything, crocus started flowering in our garden and everywhere. I love them. They are the herald of spring.

In the raised flowerbed at the river side


  1. I do hope the heavy rains and winds let up soon for you all there Midoei.
    It is nice to see the girls, even if the are bored and out of squirrels ha ha
    I look forward to crocus ~ we wont see them for a bit as we just had another blizzard of snow and ice,
    so I will make the best of photographing ice cycles in Honey Bees mane for now :)

    1. It has been crazy! I heard US and Japan are having unusually heavy snow. Thank you, Willow. As storms kept coming from the Gulf, we have had mild winter. Bulbs are all coming! Isn't it wonderful? : )
      Wow, icicles on HB's main! Keep warm! : )

  2. I hope you all have some nice weather now that spring is on the way, beautiful crocus flowers..

    1. Thank you, Anna. This winter has been extreme. I love bulbs. They cheer me up! : )