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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Pink bag in Tunbridge Wells and a ceramic specialist shop

Hello everyone. We have had a busy day today. Mike took a day off. Just after breakfast, we walked our dogs to the post office to post a little sweet rabbit to a lovely lady in Devon. After we came home, Mike and I headed to Royal Tunbridge Wells. It is close to Paddock Wood where Mascalls gallery is. We were going to take down the exhibition, so we decided to look around the area as well as shopping in Clay cellar, a ceramic specialist shop near Paddock Wood. 

Our artist friend, Marianne, used to live in Tunbridge Wells, and she gave me local knowledge of what to see. She told us to head to The Pantiles, the historic place where old arcades still remain. 

Royal Tunbridge Wells
Wednesday late morning, it was very quiet. I observed there were mainly women and elderly couples. Then I remember the suburbia of Tokyo where I had grown up was like that during daytime on weekdays. Canterbury has so many tourists from all over the world as well as university students, so it is busy all year around, pretty much seven days a week. Apparently Canterbury is not a norm.

Old sign

Metal work
Old shop sign

Another thing I have noticed was that there were lots of independent shops in Tunbridge Wells. How delightful!

One of the shops caught my eyes was this. Dog specialist shop. I was staring at the red whippet coat in the window when Mike said I should bring Pearl and Topaz to check the fitting! Oh well, I was a kind of convinced, but not 100%!

Every whippet needs a red coat! 
Just before that, we came across an adorable French bulldog. How sweet he was! I patted him. He was so excited that he almost rolled over to be patted more!

There are lots of interior shops, and shops sells idyllic outdoor items. I had to walk pass quickly because I am a basket-hollic and Mike has banned me to buy any more baskets! 

After lunch, we bought a box of chocolates from Leonidas, where I used to buy chocolates while I had stayed in Belgium. This branch was mainly a cafe, but still had a chocolate counter. I specially asked for dark, nutty and boozy. My request sent a wave of giggles to shopkeepers and an elderly couple who sat in front of the chocolate counter. 

As we told the Mascalls gallery that we would be there about three, we started walking back to the parking after that. Then I was somehow attracted to a small back road. Look what I found! This small pink suede bag was staring at me from the window. I suddenly remembered it was my birthday (no, it wasn't, but Mike agreed on that!).  It was such a bargain! I bought two, pink and mink coloured ones.   

My new bags and a box of dark, nutty and boozy chocolates! 
We collected my work from the gallery; the staff there were so lovely! Then we went to our quest to find Clay cellar. It is in the middle of nowhere, and we drove a partly flooded road, and took one wrong turn and a couple of turns. Then we were suddenly there!

Typically I bought more than I intended. Two small glaze buckets, a couple of oxides, A bag of sand, tools, kiln furniture, wire, stain and a bead rack. They are quite costly, as specialist tools often are. But they will, I hope, improve my productivity.

What I bought from Clay cellar

On the way back from Clay cellar, we had to drive backwards for some ten meters on a narrow road as there were two large trucks that had got stuck. Then we a kind of smelt the way back, and finally returned to the main road. Phew!

Once we were back home, there was a toddler peeking at our front window through the hedge. He was observing Pearl! I saw Pearl's face between two blinds. How long they have been observing each other, I don't know. But judging from the bored look of his grandparents, it could have been quite long.

Topaz and Pearl greeted us as if they had not seen us for days. Is there anything better you can expect when you come home? Then when Pearl realised that I was going to upstairs, she sneakingly went to Topaz's dish and stole a mouthful of her breakfast; Topaz is a finicky eater. Topaz ran back to reclaim her food, but it was too late. Pearl carried the mouthful to a corner and ate all. : D


I have listed a few of the latest rabbits on my shop. Three have already hopped to new homes. I will list more before the weekend. : )

New owls are going to roost in my shop, too. Here is a photo of them!

A parliament of owls



  1. They all look like interesting places that I too would want to visit.
    Great find on the bags Midori ~ and the boozy chocolates :))

    1. It was once a fashionable place after a spring was found in Georgian period. : ) Thank you, Willow! : )

  2. What a beautiful day it was ......
    I agree with you, every whipet needs a red coat ! And a blue one too :D They are so adorable with their clothings ^^

    Wonderful parliament of owls. Cute :)

    1. Hello Ilona. We had a great day. There is Chagall's stained glass near there. Next time when we visit the area, we will go to see it. Hahaha! I wanted the coat for Pearl! Thank you!

  3. I quite relate with buying more than intended at the pottery supplies - I'll be interested to see how your bead rack works for you. I've only used those made of clay to hold a kanthal wire..so this wire one is something different..

    1. I had never made anything needed for a wire rack until recently. I made a little bird with a tiny hole on top. Then I thought I can glaze the bird with a rack. I bought it. and later I only found that the hole on the bird was too small for the bar! :D I guess it won't do any harm to own one. :D I will let you know how it goes with the rack.