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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rushlight Gallery, Opening exhibition

As soon as September came, it became warmer! Not only here in England, I saw NY had sizzling heat at the US Open. So that's it. Summer reboots in September!

I am having a break this evening. I finally finished all things needed to be done, for now. I have spent three days making boxes, packing and writing! Although I have sent my work globally, I had never posted my work to galleries. I usually deliver them in person, as they are in the south east region. It is tricky to send multiple works. The rate of accidents increases. But this time, there was no option; the gallery is in Norfolk. 

Rushlight Gallery is founded by Jules Allen, the co-founder and art director of Turn the page, artists' book fair, in Norwich. It will be open on the 20th September. My work will be on show from the 20th September until 30th October for the opening exhibition. How nice! I finally packed the large box and posted it (with insurance!) this morning. Imagine what a relief it was!

I took a group photo before I packed them. I hope they will travel safely! Do come to meet them if you can! 

Rushlight Gallery
Carlton House, Market Place, Reepham, Norfolk
20 September -  31 October

A group photo before the trip to Norfolk! 

This afternoon, I had some writing up to do for another exhibition. This one will be in London. I will share the details another day! 

Duchess of Macaron

Lastly here is a cautionary tale. What will happen if you steal other's food every day? You lose waist and become a slug. 

'If you look very carefully, I still have waist! ' 

Pearl is getting fatter and Topaz whose food was stolen, was getting skinnier! She is supposed to be a svelte whippet! :D  

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