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Monday, 29 September 2014

The top of Canterbury!

Yesterday late morning, Mike and I were on the Kent Eye, a Ferris wheel at the University of Kent campus. That's the highest hill in Canterbury. You may wonder why the Ferris wheel is on the campus. This Wednesday is the 50th anniversary for the University, and they are celebrating in a big way! Mike and I both studied here, well, in different years on different subjects. Mike works there since, and we live close to it.

I had never imagined that a Ferris wheel comes so close to us! One good thing about living in Canterbury is that interesting things would come once a while. We had the Tour de France, the Olympic torch relay and so on. Also the Archbishop and the Royal family, as well as the former governor of Bank of the England would come once a while. I saw him in a local restaurant!

Very tall! 

The little tower is the Cathedral.
 Eliot College and the labyrinth. There is also our house, well, the roof of our house!

Eliot college

There are mainly children with adults. They looked mesmerised. We both behaved like children!

Blue sky! 
Well, that was my a half day off. After lunch I did my witchcraft! Glaze making! :D 

I added the legs of daddy longlegs. Joking! :D 

Then we did more work. But about four, we suddenly decided to pick apples. Look at them! They are from one tree! It's a bumper crop, the best ever!    


Mike baked an apple tart, the 4th of this season, in the morning. I expect we will have loads of apple tarts to enjoy! :D

Mike's apple tart! I'm glad I have married him! :D 


  1. What a view you had up there! Beautiful. Mike is very talented, that Apple tart is magical. x

    1. It was a stunning view! The simple joy of being at a high place! :D He is so good at it. It has frangipane, my favourite!