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Saturday, 27 September 2014

What does a ceramic artist do when she is relaxing? She makes little birds!

Hello! A week has passed so quickly again. I have been working on Angels. I have also made a trio of whippets for a lovely lady and more for my shop. But when I got tired and wanted to relax, I made little birds for fun! Here are some photos form my studio this week.


A tiny wren

A woodpecker

He is ready for bisque-firing.

The last but not the least! I must share this sweetest card I have ever been given! A lady who purchased the Rabbit Girl sent me a thankyou card! How wonderful! The card is on my studio shelf with other lovelies!  Meow!

Thank you so much! 


  1. I do love your Whippets and my friend who bought the one from you at the show is always petting hers and talking to it. They have a life in them. (As does the tiny Chicken who is very pesky!) Your birds are so wonderful, I adore the woodpecker.

    1. How lovely! I talk to my critters, too! :D I''m wondering which woodpecker I should paint. There are lots of green ones here, but the one inspired me was the greater. : )