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Friday, 23 March 2012

Day trip to Hastings part 1; Jerwood Gallery

Hello everyone! It was our 17th wedding anniversary today. I have been very busy recently with both my work and ceramics. So we didn't make much plan in advance. But I wanted to go somewhere I have never visited. I am a history lover, and European Middle Age to the Renaissance is my strongest interest.

When I was wondering where to visit, suddenly The battle of Hastings came to my mind last Friday. Mike said that there is nothing left to see in the battlefield. I researched on Internet, and found there were a castle, Abbey and museums in the area. A decider was Jerwood gallery, which just opened last Saturday. We booked our wonderful dog walker, Theresa, on Tuesday, and we were ready. But yesterday Mike found that the castle at Hastings, and the Abbey and the battlefield at Battle are not open during weekdays before April. Ummm. He suggested that we should visit Lille. I suggested a trip to London, but I couldn't forget about Hastings. Hastings was calling me! So we decided to visit there anyway, and try to peek the battlefield from an adjacent walking path.

This morning I had to work a bit, and started at eight. Jerwood Museum was to be the first place to visit, and it opens at eleven. So we left about 9:30. It was another warm sunny day.

We passed familiar Ashford and Rye, and drove into unknown territory. There is a small beautiful place called Winchelsea on the top of hill. I very much wanted to stop there, but it was a narrow hill road; it was difficult to stop.

A sheer sandstone cliff is behind parking.

A small beach in front of parking.

When we arrived at Hastings, it was just before eleven. we parked our car in front of a beach. The back of the beach is a sheer cliff. People living in the southern coast of England are probably used to such cliffs, but I am not. The beach we go often is Whitstable, very flat place. Canterbury area has lots of gentle slopes, but nothing like dramatic cliffs like here.

There was still mist on the sea.
On the way to Jerwood museum, we found Fishermans' museum. It is a small place but lots of interesting things are crammed inside. The last sail fishing boat was on display.
Last sail fishing boat.
Mike and artistic modern stained glass
Fishing related theme. Beautifully designed.

I bought little souvenirs, too.

A shark's tooth and ammonites

Outside, black tall buildings without windows are dominating the place. According to Mike, they were used for hanging fishing nets and other equipments. It looked to me as if I had been in a film set of a bizarre film.

Half ships were used as a little office and a shop.

surrealistic atmosphere.
Leaning one!
We peeked a fish monger housed also in one of these black buildings. There were lots of different fresh fish on the ice. I already decided to have fish for lunch!
Jerwood gallery - exterior
The exterior of Jerwood Gallery looks metal, but they are ceramic tiles. It is well blended in.

Webbe's cafe
We went in about a half past eleven. We decided to have lunch first before it became busy. Cafe is upstairs. I chose Seafood platter and beer. Prawn and squid Tempura were delicious, and soused herring was moreish. Smoked salmon was dry and nice taste. There were shrimps and crab on it, as well. Mike had fried hake in curry batter and chips, he said that hake was so fresh, juicy and tasty, he didn't need sauce.   

Pretty lime green pepper mill

My choice, seafood platter. Yummy!

Mike's choice, hake fish and chips in curry batter 

To be continued.

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