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Monday, 19 March 2012

The last day for our ceramic course.

Hello ladybird! I didn't hang laundry where he was sunbathing.
 Hello everyone!I hope you have a good day. Here in Canterbury, we had marvellous sunshine, but a bit cold. I saw a male student looking cold in T-shirts and shorts, when I walked our dogs in a light coat and scarf!

Tulips in the garden.
Pearl needed a jumper.

They are ready to a kiln.

Today was the last day for kilns for the term, and I took a day off work in order to finish all decoration for the two busts. At the course, we took three hours to glaze these pots and Mike's other two large bowls. We are going to collect them next Monday. We keep our fingers crossed!
Our bisque ware.

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