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Thursday, 15 March 2012

A visit to Affordable Art Fair at Battersea

Hello, everyone. It was a lovely day, sunny and warm. Today I went to London to see Affordable Art fair.

Yesterday late afternoon, I took Topaz to a station to buy a railcard and day travel ticket, so that I would be able to walk to the station just in time. I did. The train was more crowded than I expected, but still I sat comfortably.

A poster in a train.
Arrival at St Pancras

The train arrived on time, and I gave a visit to my Le Pain Quotidien. I never skip this routine when I come to St Pancras. It is the most delicious organic Almond croissants you can get in England, probably UK. I always have it with an espresso.

My routinely visit
Today I dressed like a 'madame', The Italian man who served me seemed a bit more polite than usual.I usually wear casual cloths with a walking shoes at London to be able to walk around, especially tube stations!

A cafe part was nicely crowded.
I saw Olympic rings on Dent's clock!

New fences around the building site.
Since I came here a year ago, a few things have changed. The fence became new; on the construction site, a building of several stories appeared. King's cross station finished refurbishment. It looks very modern now. I wonder if inside is still same.

Modern King's cross
I took tube and went to Selfridge. I feel so at home at Selfridge. It is so similar to Japanese department stores. I needed to get the batteries of my Hermes watch change. They sell watches there, but I was told they don't change batteries, and even a shop at the New Bond street, they still send watches away for new batteries. Hermes at Ginza, Tokyo, changes them immediately there. Sigh. I looked at some dresses and shoes, but didn't find particularly I really wanted. I had a lunch there.

There are people on the roof.
Once I got out of the door, I saw a man hanging from the building. Can you see a man on the right side of the dome? he must be a very brave man!
It looks dangerous!
I took a shuttle car from Sloane square to Battersea park. On the way, I saw ladies lunching outside seats in cafes. It was so warm. 18C.

Art fair was interesting. I intended to get something I fancy. I found several works I like, and I can easily afford. But when I found the works of an artist I really like, all other things I had seen were wiped away from my head. There was something touching in his works. They are oil partings. I have always had good eye for arts. Once the gallery I used to buy for my work at Tokyo asked me to pick some artists, because after I had bought and asked them to get them framed, the artists became popular. This happened quite often.

So I didn't have any doubt about my selection. The issue was price. I had a certain amount of a budget. Within it, I just bought and told Mike afterwards. But, alas, the painting had a price tag higher than that. Ummmm. I had to ring up poor Mike at office. I explained, and he said 'how much?' I answered, then he asked me again 'HOW MUCH?' Ummm, that's not a good sign. (by the way, there were several middle aged wives using mobiles. I think they had similar questions to their husbands! lol) He said in the end, I should decide. Then, he cruelly asked me if I could carry it. I don't think I like to carry it in a crowded tube, and I am not sure if I can carry it without dragging it. I am small and short even for Japanese woman. I knew men (ehm, he) can carry. I had agonised for about a half of an hour. The gentleman in the gallery kindly hid it from the public for me. I told him within an hour, I would decide. In the end, I decided that I would give it a miss this time, but I would research on the artist for the next time.

Tomorrow I will show you some artists I liked at the fair. Good night!

The little exhibition at the entrance

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