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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What a lovely day!

It has been a lovely warm day here in Canterbury. I also had a good day. Mike woke me up with a good news that my dear Chameleon was sold. He checked his emails and found paypal notice there; I use his paypal account.

Her is now travelling over the ocean.
When I made several chameleons, I was almost possessed by them. I kept making more and more. I only made them because I wanted to make them. It was pure joy. So, when time came to sell them, I didn't know the market for them. Reptile keepers? Men? Art people? People with a quirky taste?

The largest chameleon went to an elderly artist couple's house. They named him Jub Jub, and I was informed that he has been well looked after!

I tried on Etsy and he was favoured by several people. Today he was sent to US. A long travel for him. I packed him well, and hope he will travel well.

This jug went to the North
While I was checking emails before I started my work, that's my day work, an Etsy purchase notification came. ??? I checked it. A milk jug was sold to an English lady who does print making. Actually I had just checked her works about 10 minutes ago, after her nice work was retweeted. I found her works attractive, so added her shop to my favourites to check them out after work. What a lovely day! I hope she will be able to use the milk jug at the weekend.

Strangely enough, I just wrote yesterday that we sell more on eBay than Etsy. How odd! I obviously thank Etsy for making such a great site!   

I went to a post office with my pal, Topaz, at lunch time. Mike bans me to take beautiful Pearl to a post office because she would be likely to be kidnapped, while she is tied to a post. How about Topaz? He said cruelly, yes I could take her. 

Champagne truffles from Mike
It was really warm. Students walked in T-shirts, and Topaz was panting a bit. When I came home, Mike gave me a box of Champagne truffles, my favourite! Our wedding anniversary is coming. I worked through until five, and it was the Budget day, so I will crunch up the details later on. Pearl was happily sleeping next to my feet, chasing sunshine a whole afternoon.

I feel so happy and contended. I hope your day was a lovely one, too!

Me, too!


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