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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chicken heads and Mike's apple pie

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. My friend Mimi is in San Francisco today, and she is flying to Lima, Peru. She sends me all photos via twitter. How nice!

I have done ceramics in the studio and at home almost everyday. In the studio I do glaze tests and throw pots with grey clay on a wheel. At home I make sculpture and throw pots on a wheel with porcelain clay. These two are chicken heads, which I have decorated today. A part of my ' Out of sorts' series.  Our Pumpkin started moulting. She looks depressed. She even doesn't come out from her house.  She usually dashes to her breakfast like a bullet. So she is my inspiration. I am thinking to make bodies for them.

Chicken heads
This evening I had a chat with the final year student in the studio. After introductory conversation, she asked ' You have already two degrees, and you have your own studio at home. Why do you come here?'  Aghhh, what a good question! I replied 'I wanted to pick up more on ceramics and experiment.' When I told Mike about it later, he reminded me of the glaze tests and all experiments I wanted to do. Relief. I tend to lose my track during classes and workshop. They seem to me irrelevant to ceramics. I guess I feel lost because most students and both tutors are painters (although one makes a sort of models with found objects, too) and I am only ceramics student in the course.

Mike baked an apple frangipan pie on Sunday, He used most of our own apples. He is so good at it. Look at these!
Mike's apple frangipan pie - Before

Mike's apple frangipan pie - After

I really feel joy when I see Pearl in her pyjamas in the morning. I hug her, tickle her and laugh. Mike said that the pyjamas looks ridiculous with all those hearts, but she looks so cute in it! I totally agree.
Pearl  in the morning. 


  1. OMG I have got to send my daughter the picture of Pearl in her pyjamas, it really will make her cry. (In a good way!)
    Jess x

  2. Hi Jess. Hahaha. We have seen her in her pyjamas so many times, but each time we still laugh and 'aww'. There is something about her in the pyjamas!