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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Memories, art of wrapping and my friend's wise words.

Hello everyone. It has been a miserable day. It was rainy and dark. But it's October in England. What else do we expect?  I keep myself busy with decorating the goat mask, which became an antelope mask now! I also made a monkey head this afternoon, but it became too realistic, and I just didn't like it. So three hours' hand-building went to a recycling pile of clay. It happens often.

I have finished reading 'The Hare with Amber Eyes'. Once the WWI starts, the story became more interesting. It was more so to me because the fate of the family reminds me of my mother's family. They used to be wealthy and a part of ruling class in Japan before the WWII. But after the war, they had declined. The story intertwined with my mother's family in my head, and evoked my deep emotion. There is also the description of Tokyo soon after the war. I just remember all things my parents told me when I was child. It brought me lots of memories.    

Mike is still in a poor state. A couple months ago, I 'met' a lady who has just lost her beloved husband from a long battle of illness, on Internet. She said 'Cherish every moment with Mike.' I felt her acute pain of loss. I promised her I will. So I thanked the opportunity to be given to look after him while he is ill. It is so nice to be able to feel like this. I thank her for it. I also told Mike that I am so happy to take care of him when he needs my help. My words brightened up his face. It is so important to thank your closest person while you can.

Wrapping is a Japanese art. If you have ever been to Japan, you know what I mean. They wrap everything beautifully. Kimono itself is a kind of wrapping. So I pride myself to wrap everything well. Because what I wrap is ceramics, so I also have to wrap them securely. This gives me a challenge when I have to send a delicate piece of work by post. A couple of weeks ago, I sent Goat bishop by post. It took me about one hour to pack him and another piece together. While I was packing him I took a couple of photographs because he suddenly looked comical.
Curlers on his hair. 
 His ears and horns were wrapped separately before I wrapped his head. He reminds me of  ladies whom I used to see when I was a child. They used to wear curlers just like these!

Pearl, the whippet comes up to my office every day, and insists she will sleep on my chair. Before too long, she occupies a whole chair, and I have to perch on the edge. This happens every winter. (No, I can't move her from the chair. She looks too cute!)

A good place to sleep. 

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