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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The rabbit mask inspired by Warhol and an emotionless man

Hello everyone. It has been an eventful week for me, so far. There were unexpected matters to be dealt with. But, I kept doing ceramics every night. Yesterday I read our course material on art theory. It was comparison between Van Gogh's a pair of peasant shoes and Any Warhol's Diamond dusted shoes, by Fredric Jameson. This seems to be a well known piece for art theory students.

After looking at several Warhol' shoes, I realised how he grasped the air of the age, 1980's. Consumerism, financial bubble, shallowness in the society are all there in his shoes. I was the child of 1980's. I had enjoyed all economic booms at the best place in the world at that time, Tokyo. It was so dynamic. It was the time a book titled 'Japan as No.1' was a bestseller. I remember that Warhol was even in a TV advert in Japan. The Japanese appeared to have too much money to use. It was the time of speculation and inflation. It was thought that if it was expensive, it must be good.  

After dinner, I sat at my studio table. I decided from the night before I was going to make a wall mask. I was thinking to make a mask similar to what I made before; a man who lives at the bottom of the ocean alone. But, my hands had a different idea. They kept making spooky faces. They were devoid of emotion. Then I realised that I was influenced by Warhol's shoes. So I gave up struggling and let my hands make what they liked to make. This is one.

A rabbit wall mask
I knew this face. It reminded me of someone. There is a retired man who doesn't seem to have emotion in our neighbourhood. He talks without any expression. His face has no wrinkles or lines which naturally form as people get older. He does't have much hair, neither. So he looks a bit like a boiled egg. Mike and I have thought he was a bit like an android. So Warhol's shoes and the emotionless man were connected in my head, and they became inspiration for this rabbit. A funny thing happens in my studio!
Mike said it looks spooky. When he is scared of my work, it is usually a good one! I like it, so I will make more masks. Probably with smooth white clay. Perhaps a monkey, a rabbit and another animal I have not  decided yet.          


  1. This is my second try leaving a comment...I hope I get it right this time...here goes:

    I enjoyed reading this post. I love the mask and its eeriness.

  2. Charlene, thank you for the second try. Glad to know that you enjoyed it. I wanted to make his friend, today, but could't.