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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Little rabbits and garden visitors-a shield bug and a squirrel

Hello everyone! I am almost 100% fit again. Mike is similar. This rain and cold weather are not helping, but boy, I have so many layers and make sure that I will recover soon.

I had fun decorating my little rabbits and other ceramic pieces this afternoon. These are some of them. This photo was taken at night. The colours are more vivid and much prettier! I like to make some of them to brooches. My navy coat has a nice lapel, which is perfect for one of them.

Taken at night- colours are more vivid and pretty!

At lunch time, Mike opened the back door and said 'I found a nice runner bean, but then noticed there was something wrong with it. When I looked at it carefully, it turned out to be a shield bug!' The shield bug returned. I actually started liking him a lot (of course, I don't know whether he is the same individual who landed on the window the other day). A couple of years ago, shield bugs hatched in the garden. We had tiny but perfectly formed baby shield bugs everywhere. I wonder if I could make a ceramic shield bug.
In Japan they are called turtle bugs.

A boy at my primary school told us that they will 'fart' when disturbed. I'm not sure if it is true. 

Talking of garden visitors, yesterday morning, a squirrel visited our garden again. He was busy burying our hazel nuts here and there. This time, he ran on our garden wall and fence to close to our window. Ummm? What is he doing? Mike quietly opened the window (he is so tame that he didn't bother to run away), and took some photos.
Is he eating Cotoneaster berries?

He stretched and grabbed a rose hip!

He is eating a rose hip!
We didn't know squirrels eat rose hips. But they say rose hips are full of vitamin C, so I guess he knows it is good for him. Luckily our dogs were in deep sleep, so they didn't notice any of it. We don't need any drama on a Monday morning.

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