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Friday, 5 October 2012

My first day at art school

Hello everyone. I have just attended the first meeting of my MA course this evening. It was about mandate, schedules and guidelines etc, but the characters of some people came through, even on such a presumably boring occasion. Our course leaders are really funny. Mind you, they are really nice, polite and friendly people. But they are a bit like a double act. : ) Apparently they don't intend to be. I have already got an inspiration from them.

When I went into a room, there were about 15 orange and brown plastic chairs in circle. There was a very friendly young student called Darius there. So I asked him if the stains of these chairs are not sticky. He said they weren't. I said 'I have never seen so many dirty chairs together.' He smiled. (He is polite and lovely person.) But I was hesitant to sit on it. So I tore one of the sheets from my notebook, and placed it on the chair before sitting on it.

Blue and white theme

Sparse with white accents

Rock'n roll 
My chair - there is calmness in dirt
Another thing caught my eyes was this filthy mattress  I wanted to ask if it has been used for a model. 'Who on earth would lie on this?' was my next question.  

I have always felt unease about Lucien Freud's old filthy sofa where lots of his models lie naked. But this one looks worse in some ways.
Filthiest mattress I have ever seen.

So there were lots of amusing details in the room. To art students, I guess these are a norm, but to me, they are discovery.

Even more discovery was when I was taking the photo of my chair, I noticed there was a writing on the floor. What's that? I looked at it closely. 'Please do not touch.' Wow! This is almost like Alice in Wonderland experience.

A writing on the floor under me. 

The meeting finished  a bit early. So I rang Mike to pick me up. While I was waiting for him to appear, I noticed our new theatre looks pretty in the rain.

Marlowe theatre

Then I suddenly noticed that there was a cat on a fence. I was going to snap it. Out of blue, a child ran into the puddle, enjoying splashing muddy water around. So in this photo, there is no cat, but a blurry image of child with an umbrella and pair of rain boots. But this concludes my funny experience of the evening well, I thought.
A child running in the rain

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