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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ready to fire.

Hello everyone. How are you today? It has been cold here in Canterbury. We have spent three hours glazing in the studio. Mike popped out to get some sweeties, which we shared with other girls working in the studio. After a couple of hours' concentration, we all needed sugar!

Even so, I spilled my oxide, and broke a part off one of my pieces. I realised that it was time for lunch!

Here are some of the glazed pieces. You might wonder what on earth the black thing is. It is a head. Although it looks like wearing a mud face mask, it should fire to brown. (I hope!)  Paper Crown appears a bit prim. I am finally happy with his face, but had to re-work on the sack he is in. 
On the glaze oxidation firing shelf
On the shelf for reduction firing, you can see my replacement for the broken body. I used my own pine ash glaze, which was made from the pine branches I burnt a couple of winters ago.  I also crowded the shelf with shino pots (pink one is not mine). I don' know all would be able to fit into the next reduction firing. They can wait.

On the glaze reduction firing shelf
 Back home, Mike made a late lunch, pasta with pine nuts and bacon in olive oil, for us. We enjoyed it with our last bottle of The Black cottage, our favourite NZ wine. We then watched BBC program about Delphi. It was interesting. Next was David Attenborough's  program about the Indian sloth bear. We both like history and nature. Although I have frequented Greece in '90's, I have not been to Delphi. I promised Mike that we would visit it together, once our animal family is a bit more manageable.

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