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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Harpie and Jane, the shaman in acrid smoke

Hello everyone. Mike and I drove to the studio to drop our work to be bisque fired (we had three boxes of works) and have collected some of the fired pieces ( I will show you them tomorrow) . I have remade the headless body that had been broken. This went to a kiln directly with the piece in the photos below. This is the one I have worked during the holiday. She hasn't got a name yet. But I have called her the Harpie.

The nameless figure I made. 
The other side

Undergraduate students are not allowed to use the studio during the holiday. So there was nobody else but Jane. She was working on her raku firing. She was rocking a piece by a piece to make crackles with the the big raku tongs. That reminds me of the Greek Orthodox church with incense. In this photo, she looks to be in a trance in the acrid smoke or a shaman!

Jane is swinging her babies. 
After that, we finally went to sales. Actually Mike once went, but because of the bad weather he came back with only boxes of chocolates and cheese sticks, which I love. Today, I forced him to buy his fleece (on sale) and my moth trap (at a full price). We aren't very good sale hunters, are we?

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