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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The magic of snow.

Hello everyone. Snow has half melted. A funny thing is that items suddenly appear from under the snow during the walk. There was a candy still wrapped in a pink paper, a woolie hat, a woolie glove and so on. Roads are muddy with melting snow. But our dogs are happy either way.

I would like to show you the photos I took during a walk with Pearl yesterday. Topaz had a back ache, so I left her at home (thankfully she is back to her old self today). This is the University of Kent ground. Both Mike and I graduated from it, and I have known this scenery for 20 years, and Mike 30 years. Even so, under snow, it's another world. It looks magical.  
The first field with the oak tree.
Left side

The second field
Wooded area
Pearl found a mole hill.

My favourite area with sliver birches. 

Two trees together.
We are on the way home now. This is the oak tree you saw in the first photo. Pearl was nicely tired. Topaz was jealous. But don't worry, I took her for a quick short walk afterwards.

Pearl with the oak tree.

The magic of snow is over, at least, for now.


  1. Your landscape is in sharp contrast to ours so pristine looking, good to see Pearl in red the better to see in the whiteness, wondering if her feet are cold?

    1. Hello Linda. It is in the University ground, so it is a bit special. I love Canterbury, this old city of the Cathedral. There are lots of woods which are beautifully decaying, around us. Yes, her feet were sore and cold, but she insisted in going out into the snow. : )