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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Guinomi, Yunomi and 'Waiting for the next bang II'

Hello everyone. There is still snow left on the ground.Yet we are expecting new snow fall tomorrow evening. I have spent cold evenings doing ceramics at home this week. My busy mind needs to be occupied, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep.

I have thrown a couple of pots with porcelain clay. I am eager to do some experimental decoration inspired by Carolyn's demonstration.


Mike made caramel puddings, one of my favourite deserts. These are his third try. He declared that he is going to try until he makes perfect ones. The first one was delicious, but the caramel was overcooked and remained in the ramekins. The second one was under-cooked. I had to re-heat them before eating. This time, some caramel still stubbornly remained in the bottom of the ramekins, but improved. Pudding itself is delicious! I am very happy with them as they are. The advice I gave him was that he should make a half of amount of caramel. (then it might not stick to the bottom; we don't have to soak it before putting it into the dish washer).

I used to make them by myself until recently. I am not perfectionist, so I am happy with what I used to make, even though sometimes caramel was bitter (over-cooked); puddings had little holes (over-heated). The only big difference between his and mine was that mine had a generous dash of homemade apricot gin in both caramel and pudding. He refuses to add my gin in them. A shame. I love boozy deserts.
Mike's caramel puddings
If you wonder what this is, it is the body part of my new sculpture. I have made a rabbit before, and wanted to make her sister. I had wondered what kind of animal I should make. I have tried with several different ears, but I can't find the right ones. Eventually I settled with rabbit ears again.

Suspicious dumplings?

Waiting for the next BANG II

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