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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rolling heads

Hello everyone. Happiness start with lie in on Sunday! Ta-lalala!  This is the best rest I can get. In fact, I had lie in yesterday, too. Ah, bliss!

I have been working in the studio, which is a glorious name for former dinning space with two tables and two throwing machines, a lot recently. Today I will share the heads I have made recently.

.I nicknamed her 'Oracle'. She is quite large for my work. She has waterfowl spirit on her head. I have a couple of ideas for the body.    

This is the one I made last night. She is 'Storm'. She is small, and now lives on a glass jar. I am not sure if she survives firing, Even if she does, will she survive transport? One can't make art if one worries about these things, so I just make and see!


This one has already had different eyes, nose and mouth, so it looks different. But this was how she started. I change a lot and nothing is too sacred for me.  Now I saw this photo, I will make the ears bigger!  D

And this one. I made it, but don;t know who she is., She is a definitely a girl.

Topaz was very helpful.
Topaz is incredibly patient. She puts up with almost anything I do. On the other hand, Pearl the whippet runs back to her house if she doesn't want. She also sleeps 23 hours a day, so She is too busy to help me!

Now I am making a body. I hope I could make the torso tonight!


  1. The creativity is always amazing here Midori .
    Aww sweet Topaz so good to see you !
    Midori I have been meaning to answer the question you had asked re my post "That's Snow Blizz" you had asked me what the animal was climbing up the barn ...it actually wasn't real Ha
    It was a ceramic cat ( very old and has lovely green eyes)
    probably shouldn't have been out there in the storm lol
    It had belonged to my great Auntie that lived on the farm before me.

    1. Hi Willow. Somehow I knew it wan't a real animal! :D It looked mysterious and lovely! I hope it didn't get frost bite! :D How wonderful for you to live in your great aunt's farm! : )

  2. Storm is beautiful.......a great wind is blowing inside your house!!!

    Have a lovely week,

    1. Thank you, Ruby!. Storm is getting too dry because I haven't been able to keep her moist due to unruly hair! So in the worst case, I will fire her in a prop. But I hope I will be somehow able to attach her head to a body! : ) Thanks! Have a great week too! : )

  3. Hi Midori some lovely heads whether or not they gain torsos :)