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Saturday, 21 March 2015

A report from the studio.

I have worked hard again this week. Not only that, I have made a good progress on every front. How nice! Sunny warm weather at this time of the year could be distracting. No worries about that here! yesterday the first white rabbit from the last firing went to a new home. Today 4 rabbits and a lamb have gone to a nice lady in Singapore.They are very popular! Thank you so much!

I will share some photos from the studio of the last couple of weeks.

A big head
 The goddess of rabbits and owl!They were bisque-fired.

A group photo! Bisque-fired rabbits.

Next glaze-firing. 

Lower shelf 

Top shelf

Carrots and Strawberries line up! They are in my shop now!

Easter is coming. 6 ladies on the rabbit list. 3 ladies have had their picks.  6 rabbits have gone. Here are some of them.  If there are any left, I will list them on my shop. Watch this space. : ) 



  1. Love peeking into your kiln...and seeing the bunnies (I also spied a tapir.)

    1. Hahaha! You will find several bunnies here and there at each firing, and a few tapirs these day! :D