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Saturday, 7 March 2015

WHITE BALANCE - the exhibition with Alan Emsden at Sunbury

The Sunbury gallery is elliptical, a boat shape.  On one wall, there are large embroidery pieces made by the community. The exhibition is on the other wall.  

Hope (left) and Freedom (right) 

Hope and Freedom

Alan's beautiful embossed works are very elegant. The big head, Answer was in the box, had lots of admirers. The small one on the window was sold before PV. 

Answer was in the box (sold)

After the setting up on the 4th, I asked Mike to make a higher mask stand for the Tree Age. She has gone to a wonderful lady on PV. Left is Herald. 

Alan Emsden's works on the wall.
Herald, The Mushroom Age, The Tree Age and The Rock Age (from left) 

The Tree Age (sold)

There is a large Out of sorts in the middle. and the corner has several pieces including new ones.

On this photo, you can see the details of Alan's work. The corner has, from top, Into the woods, three Angels, Ancient Japanese child and Spring.    

The corner
The other side of the room has the glass cabinet. The works in it are for the customers to take home on purchase.  A bronze-goold wren and a few rabbits have gone to lovely ladies while I was there.

The exhibiton is until the 29th March. The gallery has a wonderful walled garden with a lovely cafe. Do visit to see the exhibition and enjoy the day in a relaxed atomshpere. The Hampton court palace is 5 minutes drive from there, if you want to cram the day!


  1. Your works look sooo good! Hard to see the framed works being white on white... I like the idea of having smaller works that people can take home straight away... well done :)

  2. Thank you, Anna. Alan's works are embossed, so very difficult to take photos. They are beuatiful. : )