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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hidden creatures

The car is loaded. Now all I have to do is to have a good night sleep and drop the works at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery tomorrow. Our reliable pet sitter, Tony, Mike's brother, is here, so we could go without worries. Thank you so much!

We just hope that we could go through London without any delay tomorrow morning. Sunbury-on-Thames is located at the edge of Surrey on the border to west London. It is close to Twickenham, the home for England rugby, the Hampton Court and Teddington where I did an art fair last year; Alan and I were selected there for this exhibition. We wanted to visit a few galleries in the Hampton Court whilst waiting for the setting up, unfortunately they are closed on Mondays. We think we have got too little time to visit the Hampton Court. We will see what there is on offer tomorrow.

Here are a couple of photos of the back of the Tree Age. It is one of my latest masks. You can't see them unless you purchase the mask!

The little weasel is hiding behind the tree! 

A couple of rabbits are there! 

Why do I make something people can't see in a show? It's fun! I know they are there. That's sometimes enough for me to make them!

Sometimes my signature is not visible on my works. Only after you break them you can see it.  But please don't break them for that. Once a while, I forget to carve it whilst the clay is dump. So you may not find anything inside and have a broken sculpture!


  1. I have been away from blogger again and have missed our wonderful posts and art. I hope the Sunbury show went well. I love these hidden creatures. It is magical. A special secret type of magic for the owner to discover. x

    1. Hi LeeAnn. The exhibition only started today, and carries on until the 29 March. If you happen to be around there, do take a look. : )