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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Another mask for a giant

Now I am in the groove. That means I create more and more with relative ease. They will come to me. How wonderful! However, some labour always comes with physical pain!

I made another mask for a giant. Mike is holding it for me, and Topaz is wonderfing what we were doing.

These hairy arms are not mine, Mike's! :D  Hairy back is Topaz's. 

This is how I have made it.

One dark night I started with this ring. Magical!

And I layered the clay on top.

Just continued. 

Then suddenly it looks like a chamber pot! 

Now checking the form and height at the same time. Did you notice it made babies? 

The closing is tricky.

Now it started looking like a pupee.

Whist waiting for clay dries. I made an ear. Huge! 

To finish closing, this torture device was installed. Mike calls it a prayer.

Tada" A scary huge mask. Not finished yet.  

Now finished. 


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for a peek into your magical process!

  2. Magical to see the process of your creations! x

  3. thanks for showing your process - are you concerned about those little crazing lines?

    1. I made them! :D It is difficult to make cracks on coiled pieces. Smaller ones are pinched, so they come naturally. But coiled ones tend to crack at joints and they don't look natural!

  4. I love the the potential of little clay rolls !
    Recently I started from the small roller and finished with the great vase.
    I could not stop to smell interior.
    I could smell the ocean , Earth , Nature .
    Do you also smell your Giants during your work? :)
    warm regards

    1. Hahaha! I don't enjoy the smell of clay. I don't like the sweet smell; it must be bacteria! But when I put my head into it to work, I couldn't help smelling it! :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. hihihihi :)
      I was affraid that I am weird :)