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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A long day in the studio.

Hello everyone. Mike took a day off to do some gardening today. There was a quiet day on my Etsy shop front, so I have worked in my little studio for about 8 hours.

I have finished this piece this morning. He is a strange boy! He appeared, and had quietly demanded something, which I didn't know until yesterday. Now he looks happy. Don't you think?

Studio dog, Topaz was lying in an awkward position again. She was looking at the garden from the glass door on the right side. 

Topaz, studio dog.

Mike was going to stake a pole for raspberry patch. 

Last night I made these little ones. They are shields. :D

Oh, first in the morning, Mike baked a lemon almond cake. I wanted to have it so much yesterday. Yes, it was delicious! And there will be some for tomorrow! 

Mike's lemon almond cake
  I am chilling with music right now. After this, shower, and then to a bed.  I could sleep for 10 hours!


  1. Look at that big smile ~ I can tell Mike can hardly wait to taste those fresh raspberries !

    1. He is still a little boy at heart! : )

  2. I think the odd boy is some sort of prince; perhaps from another place?
    Don't you love the way dogs (and cats too) can get into positions that make them look as though they were assembled without reading the instructions?
    More snow here; I doubt I will be planting peas on St. Patricks Day this year!

    1. I am listening to what he says. He is quiet, so I have to listen very carefully.
      Yes, Topaz often bends herself in odd angles. :D
      I hope winter will be over soon for you. Having said that we had snow on Easter Sunday last year!

  3. Hello Midori--I thought I left a comment, but it didn't come up with that code box-number thing. Anyway, I will try again :)

    Love that sweet face on the Boy Prince! He looks so playful and thoughtful. And the shields are very intriguing. Yummy cake..looks like some slices are missing ;)

    1. Hello Charlene. He got funny smile, doesn't he? I am still in the process of knowing him.
      Yes, we had a big slice each! Mike bakes so often, and we eat his deserts so quickly! :D