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Thursday, 6 March 2014

A new female figure

Hello everyone. Today was the first day I didn't go to post office to send my work this week. I had lots of desk work to do instead. Good news kept coming from all over the world. All pieces I sent last month were arriving day by day! How wonderful!

Yesterday I handbuilt the body for the Storm. I am not keen on coiling, but I used the method to build it up until almost 11 o'clock at night. As soon as it was finished, I realised that the body is not for the storm head! How disappointing! I went to the bed with a heavy heart. About four hours' work would be useless.

This morning, while I took photos of the body, I thought it looks too good to be destroyed and  I might make a new head for it. That's what I have done.


You might wonder why there are flowers. Mike cut them for me from the garden. They have very sweet fragrance I love. They grow next to the garden door, so the stems get damaged. I asked Mike to sellotape one of them. 


 And she looked like this - below - at lunch time. Well done, Midori! I pat my back.

I have been on my studio chair for too long recently. I am having persistent backache. One of the best things to ease the pain for me is walking. As it was sunny and ground became less muddy, I took Pearl to a park.

Pearl and my shadow

Mum, I am just coming!
She is very active outside. You can't believe that she sleeps almost 23 hours a day!


  1. Storm is absolutely stunning! I'm glad you decided to build a head to go with this beautifully sculpted body.. Well done

    1. Thank you, Hussam. So am I. This was well worth trying! : )

  2. yes the head and body are great together

  3. Wow, what a beautiful female figure.. Love her very much. Bravo artiste :)

    1. Thank you, Ilona. Some people said the torso looks nice as it was. Too late for it, though! :D