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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Storm, Oracle and EarthBoundWomen

Imagine my delight when I saw this photo sent by a wonderful lady, ceramic artist, in Germany. She kindly sent me a message that the chameleon had arrived safely. She says the chameleon would stay there. How funny! I just imagine guests' surprises!

Now she lives in a beautiful loving home in Germany

I have been busily working everyday. 'What is the weekend?' is the world I live in. I prepared the work for bisque firing, and started this evening.  On of of my target this year is to improve efficiency of firings. To load the kiln as full as possible, and to start preparing work in advance while they are greenware are two things I particularly had in my mind.    

Top shelf
Although the kiln doesn't look full in the photo, it actually is. The arm of the body is very close to the lid. The lower shelf is also fullish. I forgot to take photos!   

Loading the kiln is sometimes tiring. This evening it was very much so because of this, Storm. It has been a headache to dry, handle and carry.  Literally I held my breath so many times, so I feel exhausted. The hair may not surviving firing. We will see!  


Oracle was finished yesterday. Her head is being fired, and her body is drying slowly. She is a large girl.   

 She has a bird spirit on her head.

Oracle- details

Talking about bird spirit, Pumpkin the queen chicken, looks beautiful with shiny feathers. She rarely digs the soil now. She is 10, and she is definitely slowing down.  So Mike (main pig)  and I (assistant pig) dig for her once a while so that she could pick juicy white grubs! She thinks we are her pigs. 'My pigs came, and dug the soil for me. Find tasty grubs for me! Work, work! '

Pumpkin, the queen chicken. 
Mid-afternoon, we went to a PV of EarthBound Women exhibition at Horsebridge in Whitstable. Six female artists are showing their works; painting, ceramics and prints. They are diverse and so interesting to see them together. It will be on the show until the 18th. You should pop in and take a look if you are in Whitstable!

The Horsebridge in Whitstable

We had a good chat with the ever chirpy Harriet there. Glad to hear that she got rid of flu. She is geared up for her presentation next week! : )

That's it today.  They say it will be another warm day tomorrow. I might be able to work in the garden. That would be wonderful! Have great rest of the weekend, everyone!


  1. Crikey Midori do you never stop?! Love the idea of Oracle having the bird spirit on her head - but the chameleon on the lemons made me laugh out loud - I bet you didn't envisage that when you were creating him! Lovely Pumpkin - ten years old is a fine age for a chicken and how lovely that you are helping her out a little. Enjoy this glorious sunshine x Jane

    1. HI Jane. No, I don't. :D I only rest when I am ill! It was such a nice surprise to see the photo. Just so unexpected! : ) Thank you. It was warm, wasn't it? The air was filled with scent from flowers today! So nice!

  2. Got to love the chameleon's new home; it's a definite smile bringer!
    Oracle is terrific. I like the way you work in sections that don't look like sections when you are finished.
    Pumpkin is some chicken!

    1. Yes, absolutely! : )
      Thank you, Suzi. Main reason for making figures in two sections is because my kiln is short. I had to find a way to make taller pieces in the small kiln! Charlene @ http://clayandpersimmons.blogspot.co.uk/ does this in a more complex and better way than I do.
      Yes, she really is. We both adore her! :D

  3. The chameleon looks quite charming atop the lemon bowl,
    and you Midori look lovely in those heels ,
    aha ~ see I am observant :) .
    Pumpkin I am sure is very happy to have helpers that assist with the finding of grubs ,
    she appears so very shiny and healthy .

    1. What you wrote sounds poetic! How lovely! Yes, your observation skill shouldn't be underestimated! :D

  4. The photograph of chameleon on lemons made me smile: what a lovely idea to sent you the news from new chameleon's home :)
    Your Oracle is just wonderful. Superb work.

    1. It was such a nice surprise! The lady herself is an artist.
      Thank you, Ilona. You are so kind! : )