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Monday, 24 March 2014

Flow? In the zone? It's madness!

What a weekend! Saturday was our wedding anniversary. We wanted to visit London to celebrate, but direct trains were not running due to track repairs after the flooding. So we went for an anniversary dinner on Friday evening at our favourite restaurant. We also thought we would visit somewhere local, a gallery or a quaint town.

But I ended up working in my studio for about 10 hours! How unromantic! How un-anniversary-like! Not only did Mike put up with it, but also he gave me a box of champagne truffles and a bouquet of red roses. I always told young female art students to find a man like him!

The round box is mine, and he bought himself the cat one!

I had tried to build the body of this boy. The first one failed. And I had to coil-build it in the afternoon.  I am not very keen on coiling because it is a bit repetitive!  In the end, I was very happy with the result.
About eight hours work!
Next day, Sunday, I was planning to do a half day of creating and to go out for the celebration. But, yes you guessed right, I had spent another 10 hours in the studio. Once I started I found it difficult to stop. It's a bit madness! I felt I must carry on and have to finish! Mike says it is a bit obsessive, but I really feel it is slight madness coming from inside me!  

Over the weekend, I had worked for 10 hours each day and slept 10 hours each night. I did everything else in four hours! I didn't even take dogs for a walk once! Mike did grocery, cooked, shampooed dogs, vacuumed and did laundry! Thank you, Mike! 

I made the body for the round face finally. I had been puzzled what she really was.  I thought she wanted to be a rabbit girl. I haven't made one for two years. So I have tried.

But today, on Monday, when I came back from a dog walk, the voice told me that she shouldn't be a rabbit girl. Uh-oh! Why didn't she tell me yesterday? I severed the head without hesitation, and recycled the body. There is no point ignoring the voice because I ended up obeying it anyway. And I think that is a part of creating!
This poor head was severed, and body-less again! !

In the meantime, dogs have been miserable because they smell like shampoo! But Topaz, the studio dog decided to help me while I work today. She wears T-shirts. Her red blanket sticks to her T-shirts as if it were velcroed. She walks with red blanket on her back everywhere. We call her red anteater! 

If you look carefully at the photo she is using my foot as a pillow. And I have to go around to work on my figures. Still she is such a lovable dog. I enjoy her company! 

There is a nice pillow here.




  1. Happy anniversary Midori :) sometimes the muse can be quite demanding... and a bit indecisive too :) the boy somehow reminds of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's the little prince, I love his hair :)

    1. Thank you , Hussam. I didn't think about the little price, but, yes! : ) He is the boy who watches over children who lost their parents.

  2. I'm so far behind on blogger, must catch up! I love your Bunny-Girl, and the boy too. I hope that you and Mike enjoyed a lovely anniversary. x

    1. Nice to see you again here. You have had lots of things. Please take it easy! : ) Thank you. I removed the ears and hair of the rabbit girl last night! She returned to a round head! :O Thank you. I will make up for it soon! :D

  3. Happy belated Anniversary .
    You and Mike seem wonderfully matched :))

    1. Thank you, Willow. We had anniversary celebration day out today! : )