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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Creation and destruction

It has been a strange week. Creation and destruction are going together in my studio.

Today I did bisque-firing. Before loading yesterday I had to do mock-up to make sure that it all will fit.

15 minutes of puzzling.
 They are all tall pieces, except for this important being, Ice Baby.

Ice Baby
The female figure is as high as I dare to make. There is no much space above her in my small kiln.  That's why I have to make heads and bodies separately!

This it one of the tightest loading ever.

Regarding destruction, I have removed ears and hair from the rabbit head. She returned to a round head. I decided to fire her as it is.

Over the last few days, I have made five heads, and destroyed two of them. And one became a small mask. Something is not right, and I can't get into the groove.

She will be fired as a mask.
Despite my frustration, dogs are lazy and happy. It has turned chilly, so they don't want to get out of their beds. Pearl has never been early riser. Look at her. :D

I don't like cold.

Tomorrow morning, I will see if all is fine in the kiln.


  1. Good luck with the firing!

    Wishing you a happy weekend,

    1. Thank you, Ruby! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! : )

  2. Perl looks so cute under the covers peeking out.
    A moment in nature always rescues my mind from frustration.
    Wishing for you a nice serene, productive, creative flow by Sunday :)

    1. She manages to look cute so often and gets away with lots of things! :D Thank you, willow! : )

  3. I love reading about your lovely animal companions. Pearl is so cute all curled up like that!

    I think that sometimes inspiration turns off for a small time and then comes back when we least expect it. I hope your firing went well and that things are back flowing soon. x

    1. Something is out of balance, but I can't tell what. I hope you are right. Thank you, firing went well. : )