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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas is coming!

Hello! Christmas is coming! So early! You might say, but I have noticed signs. My shop is getting busier and busier.  Post office has a longer and longer queue. Before I see the first Christmas tree, I can tell it is coming!

Today I will share some photos of the works that have gone to loving homes recently.

As soon as I tweeted this photo, the little Lamb in blue dress was snatched away. Cuteness alert! They are really sweet! The little rabbit in a red dress is still in my shop. She has a toy rabbit in her pocket!

These three Super Moon rabbits found homes, too. They are larger cousins of my ordinary Moon rabbits.

Medium size whippet went to a lovely home in London. There are still large bronze glaze whippets and greyhounds in my shop, if you are interested! 

Water Boy flew to a lovely home in Canada. I will list his friends and Forest Girl soon.  

Water Boy
 Polar bear went to a lovely lady in US.

And this delightful pair of Surprised owls went to Scotland! 

There will be more to leave for new homes soon. I have also posted my work to a gallery and will deliver more to another. So I'm spending my mornings packing and posting every day. It is the time of a year, Mr Tumnus.

Before the end, I would like to share lovely photos sent to me. Angel has arrived in NZ and met another Angel.

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