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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 2/2

I slept 21 hours in two days. The fair was fun, but it was tiring. I was probably not fully awake when I wrote the previous blog entry. I forgot to add photos of my stand. Here they are!


Side view

 This is the stand of the Prince's Trust. I am a fan of Prince Charles. He is not credited enough for all things he has done in my opinion! I donated one of Water Boys. A lovely Prince's Trust lady bought it, and came to chat with me at my stand! How wonderful! 

There are very friendly artists around me. Tessa Pearson was opposite to me. The colours were so beautiful!  I love her prints! She had lots of experience in art business. I called her the queen of art fairs! 

Tessa Pearson

Tessa Pearson
We didn't take enough photos. There were more lovely talented artists around us, but there were rains now and then. It wasn't bright enough to take good photos. 

Emerald gallery had lovely artists and they are so friendly! Tina Ashton was at the corner, and she sold lots of prints. 
Emerald gallery at the back and Tina Ashton  in front right

Then we saw Lea Goldberg again! We met her at Landmark art fair at Teddington. She is having a chocolate cake moment. 

Lea Goldberg

As my stand was next to the exhibitors' door. (It was cold!)  I made a friend with Fabian. I adopted him as my nephew. He and all other staff were very polite, friendly and professional.

My adopted nephew! 

 I didn't see the racecourse, but Mike took photos.

Very green! 


That was it.

Oh, last and least. These were all in our tiny Yaris. Amazing!

Yaris was larger than we thought! 


  1. its always a pleasure meeting midori and mike at fairs-such beautiful work she produces!windsor was brilliant (as was the chocolate cake!!)so well organised and wonderful quality art work-see you again soon I hope miss takaki!sayonara!

    1. How lovely to see you again at the fair! Thank you for your kind words. Glad to know the cake was good. : ) We hope to see you soon!