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Friday, 21 November 2014

More works found new homes this week!

A week has passed so quickly. Poor Mike caught flu. He had terrible headache and fever. I almost caught it; I had muscle aches on shoulder and headache, but somehow got away. I haven't got time to be sick. There are so many thing to be done! My shop has been busy; I'm packing and posting everyday. I had jobs to finish on the sculptures I would take to Brighton tomorrow. I have just finished everything today. 

Early this week these three angels were posted to the Cupola gallery, Sheffield. We had to make special boxes for them for safe delivery.  Delicious exhibition at Cupola Gallery starts on Friday 28 November 7:30 pm.

Their ceramic section including my work is here.

Three angels at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield. 

This lovely reduction fired vase with ears found a lovely home in Devon. The gentleman who purchased it used to helping make glazes for well-known ceramic artists. 

Vase with ears - Sold
And this mini-chicken is for his mother. How lovely! I still have a few mini-chickens in my shop, if you fancy a hen or two!

Mini-Chicken - sold
This greyhound went to a lovely lady in London. Because of thin glaze in tiny parts, I re-fired her. Then the kiln was over-fired, and most gold disappeared. So I asked her permission, and fired her again. It was all worth it. Don't you think? 

Greyhound - sold 

Both Angel Christmas/Greeting cards are out of stock now. They should be in stock by the end of the month. So if you are interested, please check my shop.  £2.75 for each, £10 for 4, and £12 for six. They also look great in frames, of course!  

Christmas/Greeting cards

Christmas/Greeting cards


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