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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Preparation for the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - part 1

It was another busy working weekend. I don't know how we keep on going for weeks on end, but we do! A good thing is that I think I did the last firing for Windsor Contemporary Art Fair; Mike said I would need to do another on Tuesday! I hope not. The reason why it has been so hectic was mainly because I am trying to finish firings for two Christmas shows as well as the art fair. I have to post and/or deliver them by late mid-November. I know I will be exhausted after the fair, so I'm trying to do as much as possible now.

Today I am sharing the images of mainly smaller works. After I created an angel bust for a wonderful couple in NZ, I was inspired by the commission, and made the cherubs. I might make more if they are popular.

I saw a wren quite often last month from  a large window in my studio. He was a little chirpy thing!

Of course, there will be whippets. Bronze-gold, Bronze and Crackled glaze. I packed all today.

As it was a grey rainy day today, the photo doesn't show true beauty of their glaze, but here is a better shot. The front ones are bronze-gold, and back ones are bronze glaze. 

We have also did a mini- mock up. Mike is holding the back board. You might wonder what the little things on the right are.  

They are a family of owls! 

If you are around Windsor, do come along!  Here is the invitation for PV on Friday, and a half price for the weekend. It is the largest art fair in the south east. There are also workshops, demos, and all sorts of other interesting events!  All artists also donate an artwork for The Prince's charity, which you can purchase. 

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