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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Preparation for the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - part 2

Hello! Mike was right! I had to do another firing today! :D All went well in the previous firing except for one glaze which is on three pieces. It didn't flux well. I fired them at higher temperature this time Re-glazing was pain. It took me about 2.5 hrs last night. Mike helped me with a heat gun, and I added bit by bit. When I loaded the kiln, it was a quarter to eleven at night. I just hope that the glaze behaves better this time.

The preparation for the fair is going well. As this is the second one for us, it seems easier. Organizers are very good and professional, and we were sent lots of reminders.

Water Boy 1

I have finally managed to take photos of new masks today. They will be in the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair. As lots of readers are overseas, if you wonder this Windsor is the Windsor where the Queen's castle is, yes it is! I have driven past it before, but I have never been there. So I am looking forward to visiting it.
Water Boy 2

This time I made three Water Boys and one Forest Girl.

Forest Boy 3

Forest Girl
Empress of champagne truffles.  She was in the previous firing, and came out beautiful at the first firing, which is rare. :D

If you are around in Windsor this weekend, do come along! I have invitations for PV on the 7th from 6 pm, and a half price tickets offer for the 8th and 9th here.

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair website 

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