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Monday, 10 November 2014

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 1/2

Hello! I hope you had a good weekend. We had good one at Windsor contemporary art fair. As it was my second art fair, we were more prepared. Everything went smoothly.

When we came back from a hotel for PV Friday evening, there was a little red dot on a whippet on my stand. ??? Lovely Tessa Pearson, print maker and painter, reserved it for herself. How nice! Her beautiful stand was opposite to mine. I will write about her and other artists in the next entry. At PV loads of small sculptures were sold like pancakes! All wrens flew away quickly, little white rabbits hopped away, and whippets ran off to new loving homes! Monkeys found new loving homes, too. The rest including the anteater, were gone on Saturday.

As I knew they are popular, I took lots of them with me in special boxes I made, so that they could travel comfortably!

Blue and Brown Rabbit

On Sunday larger works found their new people. Blue and brown rabbit mask, one of my most artistic ones, and Duchess of Macaron went to a super young family. And the sweet Angel went to another super home!  I have also a couple of leads to commissions. It was overall successful. Mike and I had a great time.
Duchess of Macaron

And of course, what makes the experience so special was people. A few people from Teddington came, and it was so lovely to see them again. I have also met a lovely Etsy customer. A lovely gentleman from Twitter came to say hello. And he adopted a bronze-gold whippet. How wonderful! Thank you so much for coming to the fair. It is such joy to meet people! It made our day!

Angels (Far left and the crown are available) 

Another joy of art fairs is meeting artists. We were lucky to be surrounded by wonderful artists. They are friendly, supportive and talented! Mike and I had good chats with lots of artists, and had a great time. We hope to see them again sometime!

The art fair was well-organised and well-run. Staff were so friendly, polite and professional. I had a great joy to chat with them.

One pity thing was that we couldn't see Windsor castle. I was told we should be able to see it from anywhere in Windsor, but not the racecourse we were in. I had a glimpse of the top of the castle whilst driving. That was it! We think we will make a day trip one day. A local lady told me the Queen's doll house is a must to see. Looking forward to it!


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