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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Film making workshop at World heritage site

Hello everyone. I went to a film making workshop (10:00-16:00), which was a part of our MA course. I have never thought making films before. Unfortunately there was no time to make a film today, but at the end of the course, we made simple proposals for the films we could make. We watched several short art films. One of them I enjoyed was Le Sang d'un Po├Ęte (1930) by Cocteau. I liked two of his other films, 'Les Enfants Terribles' and 'La Belle et La Bete' when I watched them in Japan a long time ago. Another one was (Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me) 2006 by Ryan Trecartin. I found it excellent. The soundtrack is brilliant, too.

The workshop was held on the main campus, where I had never seen before. When you approach the university, you see this most beautiful gate in Canterbury. You feel so privileged to go through it.
King's school gate - Fyndon gate (rebuilt between 1301-1309)

But this one is for King's school, the oldest school in UK (Found in 597 AD). When you look on the left, there is a tiny gate, which looks like maids' gate, that goes to the campus.

The maids' gate- my naming, folks!

There are the remains of the old monastery founded in 613AD on the campus. This wall below was the end of  the brewhouse and bakehouse.  It is one of  the World heritage sites in Canterbury. The monastery had been here for about 900 years until Henry VIII dissolved all monasteries 1538.

World heritage site

St Augustine Abbey outer precinct monument.
 Historic monuments were only outside. All the buildings are modern.

In the film theatre 


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    1. It was built between 1301 and 1309. This is the gate of the oldest school in UK (Found in 597 AD). It is truly magnificent.