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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My journey to the studio

Hello everyone. I have been a busy bunny this week. Yesterday I went to the studio in the morning and afternoon. Between them I walked dogs twice, prepared a lunch (only heated a prepared pizza!), had a lunch and quickly checked my day work. After work, Mike picked me up. When we came home it was already near seven. (Dogs were jumping with joy to see us; they were very hungry!) After dinner, we loaded our kiln for glaze firing. We finished it about nine.

Today, after checking that firing finished in the garage just after lunch, I went to studio to finish all preparation for reduction firing scheduled for Thursday. Tomorrow will be my contingency day, and I will give my feet a really good rest. I will give our dogs a lovely longish walk, too.

Here I will show you how I go to the studio. I sometimes walk, but I often take a bus. A bus stop is a couple of minutes' walk from our house. I walk past the houses of the psychotherapist, Italian artisan baker, friend Cynthia and the lady who used to have a cockatoo, but now only has a Italian Spinoza (Italian spaniel), to get the bust stop. This is a view from the bus stop.

Lots of trees. A view from the bus stop
Inside bus is colourful. Maybe too colourful. There was somehow a bright pink light. Buses in England are often double decker. When I just came from Japan, I used to make sure that I sat on the upper floor and enjoyed the view. But nowadays, I take the nearest seat available to the door. : )

Bus inside
I get off the bus station. After sweetly saying 'Thank you,' to the driver, I walk to the outside of the ancient city wall. There the library build stands.
The library
I usually walk through the library to get the studio, which is behind the building.

Yesterday this poster caught my eye. I love this chaise longue. Pearl would love to sleep on it!

A poster at the reception
In the studio, I used my pine ash glaze and shino glaze found in the studio to glaze stoneware bisques. I used pine ash glaze and barium blue glaze for my sculpture. I hope everything comes out right. I will only know the result on Friday. 

Shino and Pine ash glaze


  1. What a great walk to go on with you. What kind of kiln is your work fired in?

    1. Thank you, Linda. We have got a small electric kiln in the garage. In the studio at the university, they are a gas kiln, several electric kilns and a Raku that I have never used. : )