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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New porcelain cup from the kiln

Hello everyone. This morning, when Mike brought a breakfast tray to the bed, he told me that our glaze firing was successful and that he had brought all work into the house. After breakfast, I went down to see them. Yes, they are pretty. A couple of them need re-firing due to pin holes (there are tiny places not covered by glaze). But the results are quite good.

I have one to show you here today. This is a porcelain cup with sgraffito.

My new porcelain cup
The left flower should have had a blue centre, but it became too dark. Despite it, I still like this cup. The little character on the left (image below) is my signature that I use for ceramics. You often see it at the back of my work.

The other side.
I will be doing reduction firing tomorrow. I will be in the studio at nine, and will log the firing details every 15 minutes until about four in the afternoon. Mike took a day off to cover me so that our dogs will be walked. It will be a long (and cold! 3C max.) day.  I'm ready for it!


  1. oh translucent color on porcelain, very nice; good luck with your firing.

    1. Hello Linda. Thank you. Reduction firing went well. I will see the result tomorrow afternoon. (Fingers crossed) : )

  2. A lovely piece.
    Perfection, or the appearance of it, can be achieved by industrial production methods. The hand-crafter/ artist's job is to inject human - big time.
    Good luck.

    1. Hello Patricia. Thank you. I feel free with the brush and really love doing this type of decoration. Should I strive for perfect appearance? That's a question. I will think : )