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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine day, everyone. Lately Mike brings my breakfast on a tray to the bed. This morning, there was a box of champagne truffles on the tray as well.

Midori's champagne truffles
 He also got me some Cantuccini. I love them. So at my coffee break, I had a cup of macchiato, two champagne truffles, and one Cantuccini. I could have them every day. Heaven!

You wonder what this is. Well, I wanted to throw a large vase for reduction firing today. I centred and opened a ball of clay. Something hard was in it. I felt it on my finger. Ummm?

A piece of stone

On the rim of the opened the clay ball, I found this piece. It is a size of a penny. It is a stone. I gazed at the large hole after I pulled it out of the rim. I decided that I would use the clay for practice, regardless. After throwing a tall vase with uneven rim predictably, I cut the top off.  

This is the remains, about one third of the size I wanted to throw initially. The studio clay has been recycled, so lots of things have been found in it. A piece of chamois, pieces of blue paper towel, sponges, and even a pin. 

The remains after the stone was removed

 I caught a cold. : (  I will go to bed early. Good night, everyone.



  1. What a lovely valentine!

    The stuff that gets into recycled clay never ceases to amaze me!

    1. Indeed. The veteran technician in the studio has a long list of what have been found in the recycled clay!