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Wednesday 23 September 2015


The second glaze firing went well. Storm is now completed the way I am happy with. It is the joy to see her. She was commissioned by a lovely lady. I hope they live happily for a long time.



Tuesday 15 September 2015

Glazing, firings and Kiln shelfies!

Once we were in September, we got very busy! It's a harvesting time. The hazel tree had a bumper crop this year. We have spent a long time harvesting and processing nuts and crab apples. That's almost finished now, thankfully. The fingers are sore and shoulders ache. 

As I haven't updated the glazing process recently, here are photos of the glazing and firings of this month. 

The Pacific in the morning sun 

Storm is on a commission for a lovely lady.  

First glaze-firing.

Storm is almost touching the top of the kiln! 

And look! She came out beautifully! But she would need another firing. 

Here is a peek into bisque-firing. Notice the Ostrich. :)


Glazing starts on little ones. Pocket Friends pretend to be cupcakes! :D 

And I started the glaze-firing this morning. The kiln is full. Fingers crossed. Result tomorrow!

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The Biscuit Factory, Autumn exhibition

My work will be in Autumn show at the Biscuit factory gallery, Newcastle. PV at 6pm, the 4th September. There will be a talk and a guided tour. Do pop in, if you can!

Rabbit is in the catalogue.

Here is The Biscuit Factory gallery tweet.

The Biscuit factory gallery