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Sunday 31 May 2015

Museums and Roman sites - Lyon

I didn't mention before, but the reason we decided to visit Lyon was because Eurostar launched a direct train service from London/Ashford to Lyon this month. From Ashford, it is only 4 hours. This is so convenient for us! Train tickets in France are much cheaper than in the UK or the Netherlands, where we had initially planned to visit. 

In Lyon there are about 20 museums. We visited Musee des Beaux Arts, Musee des Tissues, Musee des  Arts Decoratifs, Musee Gallo - Romains and Musee Africaine.  

Some are too dark to take any good photos, and others you are not allowed to take any. But we managed to take some, and I would love to share them with you here! First Musee Africaine. It is located walking distance from our hotel, well, just! As my major is in social anthropology, imagine, my delight to see African artifacts from former French colonies. 

There is an exhibition of head decorations for dancing, then this caught our eyes! She is very beautiful. Calm and peaceful. It is wood sculpture. 

From side, it looks like an animal to me, but apparently it is a stylised head. Mike said it looks like a Haggis! He showed me images of haggis once we are back home. Yes, I could see his view point. 

Dance head gear


These look simple, but has loads of character!

I like them! 

Some of you know, I like chameleons! Here are some for you!


There are lots of metal, brass and copper figurines. 

When I saw this, I said out loud 'Don't shoot!' 

The tails of dogs are great! It is difficult to make tails like those in ceramics.

There are 3 storeys, and lots of objects. On the top floor, we found these. They look scary! 

But then we found this beautiful calm mask. 


In Lyon there are three Roman amphitheatres. Two are on top of the hill of Fourviere. When we visited Basilica of Notre Dame, we walked to the site as well as the museum next to it.

The larger amphitheatre (capacity up to 10,000 people) was used for entertainments such as gladiator fighting, and a smaller one (capacity: 3,000 people) was for plays etc.. 

I found a lizard sunbathing on 2000 year-old Roman stone! How lovely! I should have made a Haiku, if I were apt.

The museum next to didn't look large, but it was deceptive, as it has a few floors underground. 

Celtic three heads.

Wild boar weights

Marble animals. 

There was a bronze wall plaque, the Lyon tablet. It was a sort of Roman 'Magna Carta', at that time. It was in a dark corner, and a guard was a bit intimidating, understandably, so there is no photo!


At Musee Beaux Arts, we saw this Great Dane by Georges Gardet. It is life size. I love the sculpture. Look at his eyes!

We were not able to take many photos there. But this one intrigued me so much that I did google afterwards. It was about a boy and his soul. Louis Janmot.

Greek plaque

Persian plate. 



Another amphitheatre in Lyon is located at La Croix Rousse. Every year, a forum for Gallic tribes were held there.

Ancient columns were lying around.
Next time, we will  visit those museums we didn't manage this time!

Friday 29 May 2015

Between the Rhone and Saone - Lyon

The area close to confluence of The Rhone and Saone rivers is mostly a UNESCO heritage site. The view is wonderful and there are lots of old buildings. 

Mike and I went to La Croix Rousse, where silk workers used to live. It is on a hill, and another lovely place in Lyon. 

As it was Saturday, there was a market. 

Produces are about 1 month earlier than in Canterbury. Apricots were already there. 

The smell was so good here! 

There, we finally found the first sighthound in Lyon. 

A lurcher walking his master.

We took a metro to get there, but we walked down. It was such a pleasant walk!

La Croix Rousse
Then we spotted a redstart! We also saw a black redstart in the courtyard of our hotel. How lovely!

A redstart

A redstart
I saw this wall plaque. She is so beautiful.

All buildings are in warm pastel colours, from cream to salmon pink. 

La Croix Rousse
Traboules in Lyon are famous.

Some buildings are open to public.

Inside traboule
When we walked down to central Lyon, we found a very handsome whippet peeking form a shoe shop! The first whippet in Lyon!  I had the honour to pat him!

We took more photos of gargoyles in the Gothic church, St Nizier. I love gargoyles! 

We sat outside for a lunch. It was warm.  

There was some floral events in Lyon. Here is a bizarre installation. 

My favourite is this! La vie en rose!