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Tuesday 26 April 2016

My neighbours at CAL

I had another bout of fever, and finally got rid of it. So here is the last report about CAL 2016.

First, ladies and gentlemen, let me announce the winner of 2016 Fenella and Midori's who is funnier award! Fenella won by a big margin! She makes breath-takingly beautiful work. Her stand was at the entrance, we and all visitors, enjoy seeing her work through lighting. She is one of the funniest artists in the show, I imagine.  Her head is so full of ideas and fun!

Fenella Elms at her stand. 
Some artists look serious, and some are really serious, but lots of people are fun when we have a chat. I, usually change character as a show goes on. As my voice becomes hoarse, I become urban street urchin like. I should have been an actress!

Fenella, her daughter and her friends. 

There were 88 international artists in the show. As we spend 3 and a half days together we tend to chat with neighbours. My next neighbour was Isobel Egan from Ireland. Her installation was so beautiful. Oculus, in the photo was my favourite, and it has gone to a lovely home in London.

Margaret Curtis is a veteran of ceramic shows. She is so warm and kind. Her stand looked fabulous. Her large jars are so beautiful. She told us lots of funny stories, which we still remember and giggle.

Margaret Curtis

Sue Paraskeva had not only done demonstration, but also performance at CAL. She dropped a wood plank on her freshly thrown pots.

Sue Paraskeva

Tanya Gomez was colourful by her work and by her dresses. Arguably the brightest spot at CAL.

Tanya Gomez

Sue Pryke's work are urban modern simplicity. She was with her lovely daughter .

Barbara Hast comes from Germany. We didn't have a chance to get to know each other much as we are a bit far apart, but we greeted in the storage.  

Here are pics before CAL starts. The right bottom corner is beautiful Ipek Kotan's stand. She is from Turkey. She and I are having a chat at my stand. 

Wednesday 20 April 2016

The year of masks, well mainly! - CAL

Here are the photos of large pieces sold at CAL.

Blossom in the wind now lives in Belgium with a nice lady.
Blossom in the wind

Night in the woods went to a nice gallerist.

Night in the Woods
A lovely lady changed her mind at the last minute and took Ancient Woods to her home.

Ancient woods

 Lovely couple returned to CAL and took Grand Priestess and a bear with them.

Grand Priestess

Grand priestess -  backside

Answer was in the box flew to Germany with lovely ladies. 

Answer was in the box 
Mirror mirror now lives with a lovely lady in London.

Mirror mirror
Himiko, the first monarch in Japan documented in Chinese official history, has gone to a lovely talented ceramic artist as her own birthday present.


 The girl with red shoes, my recurring theme, has gone to a lovely lady.

The girl with red shoes
 The bear with a shoot has gone to a lovely polar bear loving lady. Now he has a woolly cap.

Polar bear with a shoot

The bear, who was supposed to be a maquette but decided to live his own big life, went to the lovely couple.  

Polar bear
The rabbit mask has gone to a lovely lady.

Three angels have gone to new homes, but the third one didn't have a chance for photos. I can assure you all went to loving homes, as angels do.  

Three angels (one invisible)
 Red riding hood has now lives under the Mexican frame with two faces in a lovely lady's home.

Red riding hood
 This one is the first one and she was framed. She has also gone to a happy home.

Red riding hood -framed

And the first piece to go at Cal was Marisa. She had seldom appeared ino public as she was a bit dark and dangerous. She now lives with a nice lady in the South East. Her model is Mrs Coulter. 


Marisa- back side

Bronze glazed birds, anteaters, Mother tapir, baby tapirs, tapir spoons, long tailed tits and a chameleon sold out as I had a small number of them. I will make more of these for autumn. I have other small ones, usual suspects, in my shop.   

Tuesday 19 April 2016

We had another great Ceramic Art London!

What a wonderful show it was! I would like to thank everyone who came, bought, and also those who organised and ran it. It was fantastic in a lovely new venue. This year we had big success again. We had amazing sales last year, but we exceeded them by Saturday lunch time. If you follow me in any social media, you know how much effort Mike and I had put into it. It is the biggest ceramic show in London. Quite a few customers flew in or came by Eurostar to see the show on that day. I hope all of you had a good time there.

Last week, I was very busy with follow up commissions and other orders. And at the weekend I caught Mike's bad cold and have had fever. But I had to work for the Tokyo exhibition as lots of works had sold and the builders are back with more disruption. The worst has passed now. So now I can finally start reporting about CAL.    

Here are some photos to show you what it was like. 

Setting up on Thursday. The artist behind the panel was nailing, so I had to hold the masks, just in case. 

Ready for the PV. I thought it looked a bit crowded and wondered if I should thin them out. But then a voice in my head said 'Once people come lots will go, and you won't have time to replenish. Remember last year!' So I left them as they were.  

And the voice was right, Wall pieces flew away and lots of little ones have gone too. Friday and Saturday I packed almost continuously. There was no time for a break or for the powder room until three on Saturday!   

Side view

The current issue of Ceramic Review has a write up about my Tokyo exhibition. Sue the editor gave me this.    

Ceramic Review
Lovely European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam, gave me this leaflet including my ancient Japanese child (sold). How lovely! 

Aerial view. I'm talking with Ipek Kotan (bottom) 

Sunday. Walls looked bare, so I rearranged all.  All masks except for Antelope have gone. Three angels have gone (three went last year, too!) Two bears and Grand Priestess have gone . The Mother Nature bear didn't find her sacred place to live. We are happy to keep her a bit longer. Last year large heads were popular, so I made more, this year masks were popular. You can never tell what will sell! 

  And here is a short film made by Ceramic Review at PV.  Can you spot my work? 

Saturday 2 April 2016

Ceramic Art London 2016

I'm exhibiting at Ceramic Art London, again. This year the venue is in Central Saint Martins, very close to King's cross and St Pancras stations. If you are coming by train including Eurostar, it is very convenient.  

Ancient woods

You will see lots of my new work there. I am on stand 9. I hope to see you at the most prestigious contemporary ceramic art show in Britain.

Friday 8 April: 10-6
Saturday 9 April: 10-6
Sunday 10 April: 10-5

Central Saint Martins, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA

'Now in its 12th successful year, Ceramic Art London has become established as the essential destination for collectors, enthusiasts, gallery owners, teachers, students and anyone wishing to learn more about this fascinating art form.'

Ceramic Art London official site: www.ceramics.org.uk

A nice thing is that my Ancient woods was one of the four images in official emailer and the CAL website. I'm delighted.

Mother Nature Bear's cub

We are still very busy with the preparation. The last firing was done today. There will be lots more to do.

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