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Sunday 20 December 2015

More works went to loving homes for Christmas!

Less than one week to Christmas. I'm a bit surprised how quickly time has gone, especially I have been unwell for most of December so far. But I'm finally on the mend. I hope I am not starting jinx! Whenever I said I feel better, I got ill again in the past. I hope this time I nailed it down!

Quite a few works have gone to new homes since the last post. Thank you so much!

Aya have gone to a lovely lady. The model is one of my school friends. She was a book worm, and we used to talk about the books we have read during breaks. Now she is an assistant professor in literature in Japan.

The girl with a shield bug has gone to a lovely gentleman. She is my first piece with an insect. I am not very keen on them, but I have admired the beauty of shield bugs. Besides, they are stubborn. They don't know how small they are. If you try to move it, it will put its feet down!
Girl with a shield bug jewellery
The fourth crow has flown to a loving home. After making a few for the first time, I loved them so much. I made more. They look cool on wood mounts.
The large crow on the right has gone to a crow lover. The ones on the highest and lowest mounts are still available. 

The little lamb is so sweet. I squealed when I made her. Wouldn't you? : )


I have finally made a Newsletter sign-up form online. I am not frequent sender, but I'm aiming at 3-4 Newsletters in 2016.  If you have left your details at one of the shows, you are on the list. Please do sign up if you would like to hear up-to-date event news.


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Tuesday 15 December 2015

New works in progress

Cold has returned because I walked to town on Saturday to see an exhibition. The road was congested. It is not serious, but bad enough to have aches all over, hence I can't sleep well. I stay inside, and drive to post office. I hope I will be 100% soon!

Here are images of the January orders I had made before the cold returned. The Water Girl is for a lady in New York.

Water Girl

A herd of tapirs. I made a few extra tiny babies for tapir lovers.

Ice baby and his animal helper on the left for a lovely lady. I have also made a tall one for a show. 

Ice baby
What's this? He is an aardvark. His name is Otto! He lives in London Zoo. I made him for a lovely lady who adores aardvarks.

After hollowing him out, I made his face. 


The last burst of  Christmas posting was last Friday. 

I have added a couple of porcelain spoons in my shop. The largest one and a small one. 

Porcelain spoons.

Tuesday 8 December 2015

A salamander cup for a special lady.

I finally came down with cold. It was not unexpected. I have been hectic lately. Fortunately it is not too bad. I should be running around with our dogs soon!

I share the salamander cup here today.

I designed and made this porcelain tea cup for a special lady who has connection with the ironmongers guild. She told me that salamanders are in the crest of the guild and it is tradition to commission and wear a salamander, usually in gold. But she added, ' why not in ceramics'. I made four fire salamander brooches, and this cup for her.

If you remember, the first glaze-firing was a struggle, and it didn't reach the temperature. The second one made it. The glaze fluxed nicely. I love it.  

Although I am sculptor by trade, I do love making functional pots. You might see more of these in 2016.

Sunday 6 December 2015

Explosion of packing and posting! part 2

Here are some of works sold lately. All were packed very well, and so far there is no accident. Touch wood!  

Japanese girl

Answer was in the box
Lots of birds have gone, too. Little birds are always popular. 

Long tailed tit
Bronze-glaze wren

Little bird
Sleepy Owl has flown to a lovely lady , USA 

Song thrush
Crow on a mount - sold

Flora the cherub found a loving home

Anteater has also found a super home.

These whippets were never seen in public, as they have gone as soon as they came out of the kiln!

Little ones were swiftly adopted. 

The last bronze-gold glazed whippet has gone. 

While I was wrapping the bronze whippet, this beauty has also gone!

Polar bears are also popular. 

The second set of mum and cub has gone to a loving home. 

All babies have gone very quickly. 

And the last but not the least. I do make functional ceramics on request.  

The chameleon brooch and sample tapir spoon as well as a baby tapir has gone to a lovely lady.  

Chameleon  brooch

Tapir spoon

Face cup, on commission. 

Face cup - front

Face cup - back

And this celadon bowl has gone to a gentleman.

Have a great week, everyone! 

Thursday 3 December 2015

Explosion of packing and posting! part 1

Two familes of Tapirs have gone to loving homes! 

I had busy 10 days just packing and posting. No studio time. Just wrapping, putting them in suitable boxes, wrapping them with craft paper, taping, writing addresses and taking them to post office on foot every day except for Sunday. About 4 hours every day. I call it an explosion of packing! I have posted 24 packets in 10 days. About one third had more than 2 pieces. And packing multiple items is difficult and risky!

Now back to normal. I am posting the-previous day's ordes daily. And I would start making again. I have a few orders for the next firing. Then I will start making larger pieces for exhibition and shows in 2016.

Now I  know how Santa Claus feels!

Here are my out trays, on the 25th, 26th and 29th.

A family of tapirs!

Another fanily of tapirs

Six baby tapirs were packed like little chocolates and they have gone to a lovely lady in the West.  

This white wren is commissioned by another lovely lady in the North.

White wren - sold
And the wren and the Rabbit Girl went to live with a super lady. 

Rabbit Girl - sold

About 25 tapirs have gone to loving homes! : ) There were more, but they will be in next post.