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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Animals of all shapes

Today I would like to share the photos of animals I have made this year so far. Some are on commissions.

I felt honoured to be able to make him for a special girl for her first birthday.

I made two pandas for a lovely panda lady who visits zoos in lots of countries to see, of course pandas!

And here is the better pic for the panda in red.

I have made this monkey for a lovely lady. He is twice as tall as my usual ones. I heard he was a gift for her friend.

Continuing Pocket Friends, here is the dog I made for fun. He found a good home at Ceramic Art London.

Meet Tallulah, the baby tapir. A ceramic artist bought her for his partner at Hatfield. How lovely!

Talking about Hatfield, a nice lady was surprised to see goat Pocket Friends. She said she didn't remember seeing them at Ceramic Art London. Yes, I make them, but they usually go quickly. So here are the sweet duo who went to join one of the largest collections of my animals, Singapore. How nice! 

I have also made rabbits' friends, Lamb and whippet. Both have gone at Ceramic Art London. Here is Lamb.

The ostriches were completed after one year. I don't think they are safe to post, so they would go to shows. 

This is Black fox with golden eyes.

Do let me know if you would like to have a special animal for someone special or yourself. I could make one with the colours you like, and an inscription (a few words, not a poem!). It would be an unique gift. Please contact me on social media, email (on my website) or Etsy convo. 

And here is the one I have just posted for a very nice lady. A special birthday present for her friend. It is her friend's dog.