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Saturday 23 April 2022

Ceramic Art London 2022

 After waiting for two years, the Ceramic Art London has finally happened earlier this month. It was marvelous. I had created show pieces gradually since the last CAL 2019. So despite my shoulder injury, I had more than enough work, mainly big show pieces, for my stand. In February my arm and hand have improved enough to make small masks. Then I tried my luck with standard sized masks. Luckily I was able to complete three masks in time. 

The show was the best ever for me. It was very nice to see my regular customers. It was sheer joy! When I say I feel my customers and clients are friends, I mean it. We keep ourselves to ourselves, and as you might have noticed, I am a hermit. We lead a very quiet life in a corner of this beautiful old city Canterbury. We had not had any socialisation during the pandemics. Only Mike and me, well, the bossy parrot, and sleepy whippet, as well, to be more precise. Mike retired in February 2020, we had to adjust to both his retirement life and the pandemics.

I had worked on commission for wonderful people for the last 2 years. I was able to spend as long as I like on each piece of work. I am very lucky to be able to work for my clients who are understanding and patient. Creating is main part of my life, but when people purchase what I created and they thank me for it, it seems to me that is a whole reason of my life.

When the CAL started, and regular customers and those I knew through Online, and of course new customers descended. The last part of the clouds lifted from my head. Then I realised that with the pandemics and the injuries, I had had a bout of melancholy.

My sales exceeded my best by mid-afternoon on the first day. It was a truly amazing weekend. Especially after I had considered at one point I would have to take a forced retirement, it feels  my next chapter started with fanfare. 

Here are photos of before at PV.

Now my online store is reopened with new work. Check it out. Midori Takaki Online Store