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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dog's ear repaired, and a failure.

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? We have had a busy one. I have preparing ebay listings at PC whole day today except for a half an hour of Six Nations on TV. I realised that one listing takes about one hour including editing photos.

First I thought it wasn't at all productive, and I am wasting time, but then after second thought, if it were too easy to list items, nobody bothers to open a shop on High streets. So it, a kind of, makes sense.

Her ear is back!
Mike repaired the ear of the dog. He carefully attached it. Her tail is still docked. But I am happy with her.

Tail is still docked.

Here is something I will share with you. A failure. This is Priggy. Somehow he became shiny dark brown. Tears.... he was supposed to be like this glaze sample.

Why? ahhhhh, why? Look at his little hands and bathing constume look so cute, but he became so, well, moster-like! LOL

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