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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Two laughs, and how to make a carrot cake without carrots

When I woke up this morning, there was a bit of snow on the ground. Mike told me that the ground was very slippery, obviously there is ice below the snow, when he took our dogs out first in the morning.

Pigeon's foot print

I looked out of the window, and remember that when I was a very sleepy child, my mother used to say ' It's snow!' to wake me up. It did work for a while, I used to jump out of the bed to run to a window. When she said 'It's snow!' in July, I finally realised that I grew up, and said 'Whatever!'. That morning was the beginning of my adulthood.
Brrr Cold!
When we took dogs for morning walk, Mike made some noise. I looked back, Mike was on his bottom! I laughed out loud. He seems to be likely to fall often. He insisted it wasn't a fall, but he was pulled over by excited Topaz....

How to make a carrot cake without carrots
After having had pasta in leek and bacon cream sauce at lunch, Mike started baking carrot cake. He measured ingredients and mixed some, then shouted into the fridge, 'Where are those carrots?'. Ahhh, I used them to cook fried rice a couple of days ago. 'But there were loads!' I used them all. 'How could I make a carrot cake without carrots?' he moaned. I laughed out loud again. Today must be my laughing day! I suggested that him to used sultanas and apple instead. It was delicious, and I didn't find much difference from genuine carrot cake in taste!!! We have already had a half.

Mike threw cups on the wheel, and I started decorating two my models. I continued for about three hours, had a rest watching a rugby match (England won!), and continued until now, half past nine in the evening. I will do the rest tomorrow.

10cm snow is forecast here in Kent. I will take some photos of snow tomorrow. Now I peeked from the window, snow has already started. Keep warm, everyone! Good night.

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