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Monday, 13 February 2012

Prada is Prada even it is very old.

Hi Everyone? How is your day so far? I have spent the most of my waking time in front of PC listing on ebay last 24 hours! Gosh, it takes so long to upload photos, and writing up. To be honest, I was underestimated how much effort it required. I seldom sell things on ebay. But this time, I am selling our ceramics to test the water, so to speak.

Ceramics are one of the difficult things to 'feel' from photographs. I have bought some on Internet. Some were wonderful, as I expected, but a few were disappointment, and I juts gave them away to a friend. I have bought from US when Pound was stronger against dollars, and also form Japan.

But now I will tell you most exciting fun sale I have had on Ebay in past. There were two. One was old Prada bag bought in Japan a long time ago, and lovingly used ever since. It was beige Tote bag with a dust bag. It wasn't particularly dirty, but as you know, it has just become old. I wiped it clean and took photos of them, and listed on ebay, hoping nothing much. Oh, it was so popular. I restricted that it is only for UK buyers. But I got an enquiry from Hong Kong. There were lots of views and bids, and the final bid was much higher than I expected for such a old bag.

Lulu Guinness bag. SOLD.
Another one was a really sweet party bag from Lulu Guinness. I bought it at almost nothing two years before the year I finally thought I would never use it. It was brand new with still a tag on it. I listed it just before Christmas. Thank you very much, it was sold 8 times more that I paid. I only wished my investment would give me such high return!

I have also things that never sold like Ralph Lauren summer dress in a really pristine condition. It was a bit tight for me to start with, and as I get 'older' -sigh- it became tighter, so I didn't touch it for 10 years. It was still in a dry cleaner's bag when I found it in a wardrobe. But it is Japanese small size, and that is really really small. So there is no market for this nice dress in UK.

I have loads of bags and loads of shoes. I used to be called 'Imerda of Hasuda (where my parents lived)' in a company I had worked for in 1980's. I just like them to match with clothes.

One thing I am wondering if it is worth selling is another old Prada tote bag. It is in better condition and I can still use it. I, therefore, kept it. But I work from home now. When I go out, I tend to take a tiny bag, not a tote. Is there any taker? lol


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