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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My new works from a kiln

'Malta Kano'
Hello everyone! Here are a couple of my new freshly fired pottery. It was getting dark, so I only took two of our new works. Do you remember her? The red colour looks very similar to the Camellia that just opened in the garden. I call her 'Malta Kano' who is a mysterious character in the book I recently read, 'The Wind-Bird Chronicle'. Apparently I was not aware of her 'existence' when I made her in the first place, but when I decorated her, I realised that she is Malta!

Camellia Japonica in the garden

She was intended to be a sample, but I still  disappointed that her pupils and iris were disappeared. I bet oxide was too strong. I will add some details in her eyes by enamelling later.

Whippet detail

Whippet maquette has had hardship. First, after bisque firing, a student must have touched her, and she lost a tail. I tried to repair it, but it was not possible. I decorated her the way I wanted. The result was wonderful. But while she was waiting for me, she was knocked down a bit, and lost her ear. So she came home less that what she was. Mike will glue her ear; he is an expert on gluing! But she has to live with a docked tail, sadly.

I will show you Mike's and my tableware tomorrow.

Oh yes, it was Pancake Day today. We have had pancakes with cooked pear filling and the lovely desert wine we opened about Christmas. We had better finish it. 


  1. ついに焼成したんですねー!

  2. そうなの。時間がかかりました。そそっかしい生徒の一人が素焼き状態で無断でさわちゃって、尻尾が折れちゃったのよ。修復しようとしたけれど無理でした。引力に逆らうのはいけませんね。で、最終の焼成後、焼成担当者が壊れない様にと、彼女のオフィスにおいてくれたら、うっかり片耳を壊しちゃったんだって。仕方が無いわね。負傷が絶えませんでした。笑