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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Loose threads in 'The winding-up bird chronicle'

Hello everyone! It was even a colder today. Maximum temperature was 0. I gave some biscuits crumbs to wild birds. They must be struggling. Mike takes his lunchbox to work when max temperature is below 4. I made delicious fried rice in tomato sauce for four dishes yesterday. So he took some of it and the most favoured food in England. A sandwich!

A welcome rabbit in the hallway
I was busy at home again. I worked hard from 8:30 to 11:30. It was a busy day for company results. None of them was brilliant though. It is a challenging time we are in. Although there were lots of news, I didn't need to digest all details this morning; I will read them over the weekend, and crunch numbers. I managed to do laundry, cooking, vacuuming, dishwasher and recharging a laptop on solar power in the afternoon. I also took care of our dogs, parrots and Pumpkin the chicken. Phew.

I finally finished 'The winding-up bird chronicle' by Haruki Murakami this evening. It is an intriguing ending. Most of threads a kind of got together in the end, but there are still loose ones. Is Malta on Wataya's side? How did Creta meet Mamiya? etc.

A funny thing is that because of this story is so odd that I could relax and go to sleep so easily after reading it. Some books keep me awake for a long time, but not this one. I would love to read another one of Murakami soon. I will pop in the library this weekend if snow is not too bad. 

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